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Blue & Black or White & Gold: Colour in Cosplay

Everyone is jumping on this internet fad, but Volpin’s post brought up a good point that I wanted to address:


What can you do as a cosplayer,

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What Glues Can Be Used On Skin?

You may need to stick something to your skin such as elf ears, a pair of horns, or maybe even a fake mustache! When sticking stuff to your skin you will want to be extra careful. The same glues used on props can't be used on the face because they may cause heat or chemical burns, or cause other damage! So what can be used on the face?
  • Eyelash glue is used for attaching false eyelashes to the eyelid and can be used to attach lightweight piec…


Would you wear costuming/sewing themed t-shirts?

Only If they looked nice
Probably only to conventions

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