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Minor Update

Updated the appearance of this blog. It should match the rest of the site now meaning: there is a footer! The dropdown for the tutorial list works! The sidebar looks nice! Links are easier to spot!

If you have any problems lemme know ?

Finishing Up

I’ve been adding banners to the sections (Lights & Electronics is by far the prettiest) ¬†and am happy to announce that the major updates to the site are nearly finished! Just a fe


How Do I Prevent Body Paint From Rubbing Off?

For most liquid body paints there is a setting powder that is used to finish the application and allow the product to dry.

It is also good to use a makeup sealer overtop of the makeup to give a protective layer over the makeup preventing it from rubbing off easily. Makeup sealer can be bought over the counter in most beauty stores. The one I have is a spray that dries quickly. If you need a quick fix I have heard that hairspray works as…


Do "original characters" count as cosplay?

Sometimes / It Depends

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