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I updated the askbox so that it includes a FAQ section. It will address some of the more commonly asked questions. 

One of those questions is “Where can I buy wigs?”

I listed the sites I have purchased from, but if

Blue & Black or White & Gold: Colour in Cosplay

Everyone is jumping on this internet fad, but Volpin’s post brought up a good point that I wanted to address:

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Wearing the Same Costume Multiple Times at a Con

Sometimes you want to wear the same costume for more than one day at a con, but you don't want it to be dirty or smelly, so what are some things you can do?

First, plan ahead. Before wearing the costume make sure to have a shower, use deoderant with an anti-persparent (to help prevent sweating). Wear a thin shirt underneath the costume if possible, to keep the costume off your body.. however if the costume has many layers or is very warm the…


Would you wear costuming/sewing themed t-shirts?

Only If they looked nice
Probably only to conventions

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