Cosplay by Jessica Lemley    /    Photography by Anonymous

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Turned of Anon Asks

There are about 126 messages in the askbox right now, and so I turned off Anon asks. That way if you ask a question and it takes me a few days to answer it, you can find it by your tagged username.


I've Never Sewn Before, How Do I Get Started?

First, you should look for sewing classes in your area. This way you can learn from a pro and they can teach you the proper way to do everything. Sewing classes will probably be hosted by local fabric, sewing and craft stores, and sometimes they are held by sewing machine stores. There may even be sewing classes run as a city program.

If you cannot find a sewing class, then ask around your family if anyone can help you sew or learn the b…


How old were you when you first started cosplaying?

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