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mojoman41 said: You mentioned a certain brand turning your hair green permanently. Can you recommend any brands that don’t do that but still give a fairly vibrant color? And do you use any specific bleach, or

Cosplay Guests

Now that we’ve had two cosplay guests: what do you think?
Would you like to see more guests in the future? Any cosplayers you would recommend? Would you like to see people with certain specialties such as photography or propmaking?


How Do I Pick Fabric?

I find the best way to choose a fabric for a costume is to go to the local fabric store and look around. I look for fabrics that are the colors I need, it is easier to find the color as is than to experiment with dyeing! Once I find the colors I need I feel the weight, the stretch, I check if it is see-through and compare it to my references. I also compare my costume with what it might be in real life, for example a pair of jeans would be made of denim a…


How many times do you expect to wear a costume before "retiring" it

Never (display piece)
2-4 Times
5-7 Times
7-9 Times
More than 10 Times
More than 20 Times
More than 30 Times
I'm never taking this cosplay off

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