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NYCC: Props Can be Returned

So no official response on this, but I have heard from a few sources that props can be picked up. So I am spreading this information in the hopes that anyone who had their prop confiscated can go retrieve it before the end of the day. 

If you know a cosplayer who is at th

Did any cosplayers get their props back?

Anyone know if any New York Comic Con cosplayers were able to get their props back at the end of the day?Or will get them back at the end of the weekend? Really would love to know if those props were actually tossed, or just h


What is a Sewing Pattern?

A pattern is used in sewing as a guide to how to make whatever the pattern is for. It is a package that tells you how to make a certain thing. It has instructions, shapes you pin to the fabric to cut out, a thing on the back that explains what size you should make, a list of the amount of fabric you need and sugguested fabric, and a list of what else you may need. …


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