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Glossary Update #2

the first set of definitions have been finished and the in-process glossary can be viewed here:

I am looking for:

  • Feedback on the definitions: are they accurate? do they
Glossary Update

My goal has been to create a huge glossary of cosplay and fandom terms to help new members of the community understand our lingo. I’ve reached 157 terms, and still counting, but I am almost done. The next step is setting up the page so people ca


Are There Any Restrictions on Joining a Cosplay Group?

That entirely depends on the group and what their goals are. They might only want people who live near them, people they have decided they like, people who have specific skill sets or people who have a certain level of skill preforming or creating a costume, they also might be looking for a specific character.

If you are looking to join an existing group it is best to ask about it. Don't be sad if they aren't accepting new members, many co…


Would you wear costuming/sewing themed t-shirts?

Only If they looked nice
Probably only to conventions

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