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Minor Update

Updated the appearance of this blog. It should match the rest of the site now meaning: there is a footer! The dropdown for the tutorial list works! The sidebar looks nice! Links are easier to spot!

If you have any problems lemme know ?

Finishing Up

I’ve been adding banners to the sections (Lights & Electronics is by far the prettiest) ¬†and am happy to announce that the major updates to the site are nearly finished! Just a fe


What Props Are Allowed At My Local Convention?

Every convention has different prop rules, from extremely strict to very minimal. It is important that you find out the rules for props at conventions to make sure that you can bring yours in! It would suck to make an amazing prop and be told you have to leave it in the car or hotel room! It is even worse if your prop causes you to be expelled from the convention without refund.

To find out what your convention's guidelines are, check …


Do "original characters" count as cosplay?

Sometimes / It Depends

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