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Woops! Looks like we're all out of cosplay fame, guess you missed your chance.
Should have checked this out on April 1st

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Tumblr Messaging (got it!)

If you have it could you send me a message? I would like to try this out :) Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who messaged me, I now have messaging! For some reason my main and all my sub-blogs have it except for Cosplay Tutorial, so I am hoping that gets resolved and I can

BOWSER SHELL Tutorial (Part 1/3)


So CLC did a Super Smash Bros. cosplay for AB 2014 and AAC 2014, and now that we are in a lull between cons we decided to po


Can _________ Fabric Be Dyed

Natural fibers like cotton or silk can be dyed using regular dye such as RIT. Synthetic fibers such as polyester or acrylic generally cannot be dyed using normal means but they can be dyed by special dyes made for those fabrics. A fabric that is a mix of natural and synthetic fiber may not dye evenly or to the color desired, so do a patch test if possible!

For dyeing synthetic fabrics I suggest reading through Read More »


How many times do you expect to wear a costume before "retiring" it

Never (display piece)
2-4 Times
5-7 Times
7-9 Times
More than 10 Times
More than 20 Times
More than 30 Times
I'm never taking this cosplay off

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