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Worbla in the Oven


There are many ways to heat Worbla plastic: heat gun, hot water, iron, hairdryer etc but a co-panelist asked


What are the Benefits of a Cosplay Group?

  • People to cosplay with at a convention and hang out with
  • Groups are more impressive , and more recognizable than individual costumes. This leads to more photos and more people recognizing who you are.
  • Everyone in the group can help each other with the costumes, making for a better costume for everyone involved. For example: Those good with props can handle props, and someone who does great things with wigs can handle the wigs.…


How old were you when you first started cosplaying?

0 to 9
10 to 14
15 to 19
20 to 24
25 to 29
30 to 34
35 to 39

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