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Cosplay Tips

Last Update: July 15th 2014

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Cosplay Tips
Title Character Series
benefits of networking
Coating Fabric with Liquid Latex
Convention Guest Etiquette
Cosplay 101- Choosing a Cosplay
Cosplay 101: Materials and Tools
Cosplay Basics
Cosplay Cleavage Tutorial
Cosplay Crimes (and how to avoid committing them)
Cosplay Size Calculator
Cosplay Tips for the Convention
Costume Care
Craftsmanship Judging: Tales & Tips
Does Fray Check Work? Fray Check Test + washing cotton ruffles
Faking Leather
Faking Leather
Finishing Your Sewing Project
Fixing Height In Costuming
Fray Block…What is that?
Getting The Skinny On Straight Pins
How to set grommets
Make A Wig Head That Has Your Hairline and Head Shape
Planning a Badass Cosplay
Pointe Shoes and Cosplay
Present an Entertaining Masquerade Skit
Resetting Sewing Machine Tension
Safely Navigate A Convention
Supplies for Working with Foam
The Commissioner and Merchant Review Thread
Thermoplastic Friendly Workspace
This to That
Tools of the Trade
Tools of the Trade: Workspaces and Materials
Washing Your Costumes
Workmanship 101 (Masquerade Levels)

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