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Cosplay Tips

Last Update: July 15th 2014

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Cosplay Tips
Title Character Series
10 Cosplay Tips
19 Sewing Hacks
A Lesson in Layers (Layering Costume Pieces)
benefits of networking
Choosing a Costume
Coating Fabric with Liquid Latex
Convention Guest Etiquette
Cosplay 101- Choosing a Cosplay
Cosplay 101: Materials and Tools
Cosplay Basics
Cosplay Cleavage Tutorial
Cosplay Crimes (and how to avoid committing them)
Cosplay Judging Tips and Tricks
Cosplay Scaling and You
Cosplay Size Calculator
Cosplay Tips for the Convention
Costume Care
Craftsmanship Judging: Tales & Tips
Does Fray Check Work? Fray Check Test + washing cotton ruffles
Faking Leather
Faking Leather
Finishing Your Sewing Project
Five Thermoplastic Alternatives to Worbla
Five Tips for Accurate Sewing
Fixing Height In Costuming
Fray Block…What is that?
Getting The Skinny On Straight Pins
Guide to Costume Care
How to Design Your Own Fabric
How to set grommets
How to Successfully Present an Entertaining Masquerade Skit
Make A Wig Head That Has Your Hairline and Head Shape
Making a Thermoplastic Friendly Workspace
Organizing Your Sewing Space
Planning a Badass Cosplay
Pointe Shoes and Cosplay
Pre-Con Prep Guide
Present an Entertaining Masquerade Skit
Resetting Sewing Machine Tension
Safely Navigate A Convention
Supplies for Working with Foam
The Commissioner and Merchant Review Thread
Thermoplastic Friendly Workspace
This to That
Tools of the Trade
Tools of the Trade: Workspaces and Materials
Types of Wood Glue and How to Use Them
Washing Your Costumes
Washing Your Costumes
Workmanship 101 (Masquerade Levels)
Your First Cosplay: A Guide

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