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Ears & Horns

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Title Character Series
Bison Horns and Ears on an Elastic Headband
Bunny Ears Tutorial
Costume Elf Ears
Elf's Ears Tutorial
Espeon Ear TutorialEspeonPokemon
Giant Bunny Ears Tutorial!
How to Add Ears to a fleece hat
Making Gelatin Ears and Other Prosthetics
MLP:FiM Pegasus Wings/Ears Cosplay Tutorialmy Little Pony : Friendship Is Magic
Pichu EarsPichuPokemon
Simple Elf Ears Tutorial
Small wolf ears
Tutorial - Big Fluffy Bunny Ears
Tutorial how to make ears
Wolf Ear Cosplay Tutorial

Chobit Ears
Title Character Series
Chi Ears Pattern & TutorialChiiChobits
Chii EarsChiiChobits
Making Chii EarsChiiChobits
Opening Chobits Ears with Craft Foam

Fox Ears
Title Character Series
Fox Ear Tutorial
Fox Ears
Fox Ears
Fuzzy Fox Ears Tutorial

Attaching Ears
Title Character Series
Attaching Cat Ears
Attaching with screws and headbandHomestuck

Cat Ears
Title Character Series
Animatronic Cat Ears
Cat / Inuyasha tutorial Ears
Cat Ears TutorialAhriLeague of Legends (LoL)
Cute Cat Ears
Goth/Cosplay Cat Ears
headband Cat Ears
Loveless Cosplay EarsLoveless
Neko (kitty) Ear Tutorial

Title Character Series
Bison Horns and Ears on an Elastic Headband
Clay Diclonius HornsLucyElfen Lied
Costume Horns: Easy + Cheap
Do horns with liquid latex special effects
grow your own horns
How 2 make HORNS for cosplay
How to make cosplay demon horns
How to make horns for Cosplay
Lightweight Horn Tutorial
Make 3D, Light-up, Twisted animal Horns
Making Horns
Maleficent HornsMaleficentDisney
Mask and Horns
Vincent Horns from Catherine and AntlersVincentCatherine

Troll Horns
Title Character Series
Another Troll Horn TutorialHomestuck
Homestuck Horns Tutorial Part One bHomestuck
Homestuck Troll Horns TutorialHomestuck
Horn TutorialGamzeeHomestuck
Horn TutorialMysuHomestuck
Paper Mache Horn TutorialHomestuck
Plush Homestuck Horns TutorialHomestuck
Vriska Horn TutorialVriskaHomestuck

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