Articles / Guides

What is Cosplay?
Learning what cosplay is, who participates in it, and more!
Planning Out Your Costume
Break the outfit down and figure it out before starting
Buying vs. Making vs. Altering
Should you make your costume, buy it, or alter existing clothes?
Cosplay on a Budget
Keep cosplay costs down by using these budget tips!
Buying on the Internet
Avoid getting scammed and what to do if it happens
Dark Magician Girl Staff
A simple foam and pvc staff
Detangle a Wig
Visual guide to detangling a messy wig
Pretend to be the god of thunder with this foam and wood hammer tutorial
Fiberglassing and Bondo
Learn how to make stronger props with a smoother finish
Author: Railey98
Tattoo Guide
Different methods for temporary tattoos
Resin Gems
Two part mold and 3-D gems tutorial to help make unique gems for costumes and props
Author: Arms, Armor and Awesome
Scar Guide
Make a gruesome scar on a budget with this simple scar tutorial
Author: Miccostumes
Wigs: Yellow vs. Blonde
Have help deciding between a bright yellow or a natural blonde for your character

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