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Fursuits & Mascots

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Fursuiting General
Title Character Series
Balaclava (ninja hood) Technique
Casting Resin (Follow me) eyes
Fursuit building
Fursuit Guide
How to attach a fursuit nose.
Making a bodysuit
Making of Daiquiri
Scyther arm tutorial
Shrink Plastic Tag
Tutorial to 'Fuji' fur suit
Werewolf costume
Wiz Head TutorialWizD.N.Angel
Working with Faux/ Fake fur FAQ

Title Character Series
Make your own Balaclava Pattern

Centaur Legs
Title Character Series
Centaur Details

Title Character Series
Another How-to! Sculpting claws.
Hot Glue Claws
Left 4 Dead Witch Hands/FingersWitchLeft 4 Dead

Title Character Series
Plastic bowl eyes tutorial
Wiggle (Googly) Follow Me Eyes!

Title Character Series
Deadmau5 Mau5head!
fiberglass fursuit heads
How to Work with Celastic
Keroro Head Tutorial
Lemongrab MaskLemongrabAdventure Time
Making a fursuit head with a movable jaw
Maskmaking with Foam
Matrices Mask
Toothless Mask TutorialToothlessHow to Train Your Dragon

Title Character Series
Bondo-Shell Hooves
Faun Hooves
Fursuit gloves tutorial
Hooves from Comfy Shoes (No high heels!)
How to build footpaws
Kitty Feet TutorialPuchikoDiGi Charat
Latex Paw Pads
Padded Hand-paw Tutorial.
Sculpey Pawpad Mold Tutorial
Simple Draenei's HoovesDraeneiWorld of Warcraft
Simple Draenei's HoovesDraeneiWorld of Warcraft

Digitgrade Legs
Title Character Series
Digitgrade Hoves and Legs
Digitigrade illusion
Digitigrade Legs Entries
Digitigrade Werewolf Legs / Stilts
faun (digitgrade) legs
How To Make Digitigrade Stilts
Quadsuit Stilt Tutorial: hinges, hooves and paws!
Sizing the werewolf stilts
Werewolf Stilt Blueprints

Title Character Series
Ahri TailsAhriLeague of Legends (LoL)
Curved Fox Tail Tutorial
Dragon Tail Tutorial
Dragon Tails {sewing tutorial}
Faux fur tail
Fox Tail...Out Of Yarn
How to Create Ahri TailsAhriLeague of Legends
How to make A cat tail
How to make a good tail
Make a Moving Tail
Tail tutorial. (Mainly wolf tails.)
Vulpix's Huge TailVulpixPokemon
Yarn Tail

Title Character Series
Sculpting Teeth

Title Character Series
Big Daddy (Bioshock) Costume BuildBig DaddyBioshock
Dalek Costume Build TutorialDalekDoctor Who
Easy M & M Halloween Costume
General Gundam/Mecha Cosplay Tutorial
Professional and Durable Robot Kaiju Costume
Sylgian's 40K Space Marine [Build Log]Space MarineWarhammer 40000
Tips for Building Mascots
TV Head

Title Character Series
Add Elastic To Fursuits
Craft Foam Scales Tutorial

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