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Props and Weapons

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Title Character Series
Guilty Gear Anchor TutorialMayGuilty Gear
Ixion Ring Blade TiraSoul Calibur
Prop Tutorial: Sheath and Sword
Yamamoto's Sword TutorialYamamotoReborn!

Title Character Series
Bookbinding Tutorial
Bookbinding Tutorial - Part 1
Bookbinding Tutorial - Part 2
Clow book tutorial
Skyrim Spell Tomes

Bow and Arrows
Title Character Series
Archer Bow Tutorial ((and arrows))
Ashe's Ice Bow TutorialAsheLeague of Legends
Bow, Arrows and QuiverKagome HigurashiInuyasha
Costume Arrow Tutorial
How to Make a Bow and Arrow
Tomb Raider Bow and ArrowTomb Raider

Title Character Series
Ciel's Cane pt.1Ciel PhantomhiveKuroshitsuji
Ciel's Cane pt.2Ciel PhantomhiveKuroshitsuji
Ciel's Cane pt.3Ciel PhantomhiveKuroshitsuji
Ciel's Cane TutorialCiel PhantomhiveKuroshitsuji

Title Character Series
Axel's ChakramsAxelKingdom Hearts
Shooting StarRinoa HeartillyFinal Fantasy VIII

Title Character Series
Left 4 Dead Witch ClawsWitchLeft 4 Dead
Retractable Wolverine / X-23 ClawsX-23Marvel
Wolverine ClawsWolverineMarvel
Wolverine Claws (X-Men Origins)WolverineMarvel
Wolverine Claws Hand Prop TutorialWolverineMarvel
X-23/Wolverine ClawsWolverineMarvel
X-23/Wolverine Claws (Cardboard)X-23Marvel

Title Character Series
Fabric Folding Fan TutorialCarianMagna Carta
Tutorial - Temari FanTemariNaruto

Title Character Series
Building Demyx's SitarDemyxKingdom Hearts
Cardboard Gibson Les PaulYui HirasawaK-ON!
How to make GuitarHarukoFooly Cooly
Love is War MegaphoneMiku HatsuneVocaloid
Marceline's GuitarMarcelineAdventure Time
Sheik's LyreSheikLegend of Zelda
Sheryl Nome Mic TutorialSheryl NomeMacross Frontier
Sheryl's MikeSheryl NomeMacross Frontier
Sheryl's Mike - Part 2Sheryl NomeMacross Frontier

Guns and Cannons
Title Character Series
AEP7 Laser PistolFallout
Blacklace TutorialPantyPanty and Stocking
BRS CannonBlack Rock Shooter
Cannon WalkthroughBlack Rock ShooterBlack Rock Shooter
CerberusVincent Valentine Final Fantasy VII
CerberusVincent Valentine Final Fantasy VII
Cheap Portal gunChellPortal
Combat ShotgunFallout
Cosplay GunsTomb Raider
Do-It-Yourself: Steampunk Weapon
EvokerPersona 3
Fishbone tutorialJinxLeague of Legends
Fishbone TutorialJinxLeague of Legends (LoL)
Gatling Gun Arm Costume
GunbladeSquallFinal Fantasy VIII
Gunner Dressphere GunFinal Fantasy X-2
HadesTrain HeartnetBlack Cat
Hades GunTrain HeartnetBlack Cat
Halconnen/Harkonnen Cannon TutorialSeras VictoriaHellsing
Half Life 2: Gravity GunHalf Life 2
How to Make A Battlestar Galactica Season 1 Handgun PropBattlestar Galactica
M8 Avenger Assault RifleMass Effect
Mami Tomoe's Gun Mami TomoePuella Magi Madoka Magica
Mami's Long GunTomoe MamiPuella Magi Madoka Magica
Okita Sougo's GunOkita SougoGintama
Pop GunHarley QuinnDC
Portal GunChellPortal
Ray Gun
Sniper Tutorial Yoko RitonaTengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Steampunk Raygun
Steampunk Raygun
Valiant (Irvine's riffle) Irvine KinneasFinal Fantasy VIII

Title Character Series
How to make a Giant Hammer
Lavi Hammer tutorialLaviD.Gray-man
Lavi Hammer tutorialLaviD.Gray-man
MalletHarley QuinnDC
Mjolnir TutorialThorMarvel
Mjolnir with MDFThorMarvel
Thor's Hammer - FoamThorMarvel

Title Character Series
How to build Vi handsViLeague of Legends (LoL)

Title Character Series
CCS Wands and KeysSakuraCardcaptor Sakura
Guilty Gear: ParacelsusAbaGuilty Gear

Title Character Series
Keyblade (Kingdom Key)Kingdom Hearts
Brightcrest KeybladeKingdom Hearts
Fantastic KeybladesKingdom Hearts
Foamboard KeybladesKingdom Hearts
Kairi KeybladeKairiKingdom Hearts
keybladeKingdom Hearts
KeybladeKingdom Hearts
Kingdom KeyKingdom Hearts
Kingdom KeyKingdom Hearts
Kingdom Key and OathkeeperKingdom Hearts
OathkeeperKingdom Hearts
Oblivion KeybladeKingdom Hearts

Title Character Series
Kunai Resin Casting
Make Cosplay Kunai In 10 Steps
Naruto Kunai KnifeNarutoNaruto

Title Character Series
Fang's LanceOerba Yun FangFinal Fantasy XIII
How to make Gun lance
Valkyria Chronicles LanceValkyria Chronicles
Xaldin's LanceXaldinKingdom Hearts

Title Character Series
DIY: Lollipop Wand
Giant Lollipop Tutorial

Title Character Series
Lightsaber for $33 in 33 minutesStar Wars

Millennium Items
Title Character Series
Millennium PuzzleYugiYugioh
Millennium RingBakuraYugioh
Millennium RingBakuraYugioh

Title Character Series
Tira's Ring BladeTiraSoul Calibur

Title Character Series
Artemis RodYuki CrossVampire Knight
Artemis ScytheYuki CrossVampire Knight
B-rabbit Scythe TutorialPandora Hearts
Dead Master scytheDead MasterBlack Rock Shooter
How to make big Scythe
Insulation Foam Scythe
Making Ruby's Scythe (RWBY)RubyRWBY
ScytheWilliam T.SpearsKuroshitsuji
Soul EaterMakaSoul Eater

Title Character Series
BoromirBoromirLord of the Rings
Captain America Shield from Used Satellite DishCaptain AmericaMarvel
Captain America: Shield TutorialCaptain AmericaMarvel
cosplay n00b made a Hylian shieldLinkLegend of Zelda
Homura Akemi Time ShieldAkemi HomuraPuella Magi Madoka Magica
How to make your own shield
Hylian ShieldLinkLegend of Zelda
Hylian ShieldLinkLegend of Zelda
Hylian ShieldLinkLegend of Zelda
Metal Movie Cap ShieldCaptain AmericaMarvel
Nemea ShieldCassandraSoul Calibur
Wonderflex ShieldKnight Captain CullenDragon Age 2
Wood Sword + Foam ShieldLeonaLeague of Legends (LoL)

Title Character Series
Final Fantasy VII - Yuffie's Star YuffieFinal Fantasy VII
How to make a Shuriken

Title Character Series
Spear Head Out of Foam Board

Title Character Series
CCS Wands and KeysSakuraCardcaptor Sakura
Clow StaffSakuraCardcaptor Sakura
Fai Cosplay StaffFai D. FlowrightTsubasa Reservoir Chronicles
Fai's StaffFai D. FlowrightTsubasa Reservoir Chronicles
Foam and PVC StaffAthenaSaint Seiya
Golden Staff of the Sin'doreiWorld of Warcraft
Jack Frost Staff TutorialJack FrostRise of the Guardians
Light StaffFinal Fantasy XI
Light Staff - Cast and WoodFinal Fantasy XI
Loki Scepter with WorblaLokiMarvel
Nirvana StaffYunaFinal Fantasy IV
Sailor Cosmos StaffSailor CosmosSailor Moon
Sealing WandsSakuraCardcaptor Sakura
Separating Staff for Jack FrostJack FrostRise of the Guardians
Time StaffSailor PlutoSailor Moon
TridentMukuro RokudoKatekyo Hitman Reborn!
Trident PropMukuro RokudoKatekyo Hitman Reborn!
Tsubasa Staff tutorialSakuraTsubasa Reservoir Chronicles
Wood Jack Frost StaffJack FrostThe Guardians
Yuna's StaffYunaFinal Fantasy X

Swords and Knives
Title Character Series
Ryuko's Scissor BladeRyuko MatoiKill La Kill
AEON's ClockswordAeonCastlevania
Asato - Lamento
Asuma Chakra Baldes
Basic Craft Foam Attack on Titan 3DMG Blade TutorialAttack on Titan
Basic Wooden Sword Tutorial
Building Clouds Advent Children Sword part 1
Buster SwordCloudFinal Fantasy VII
Buster Sword Tutorial
Cardboard Katana - Samurai Sword
Clare's Sword, ClaymoreClareClaymore
Cloud's Advent Children SwordCloudFinal Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Cosplay SwordShikigami SuzakuYami no Matsuei
Cruddy guide for cosplay sword
Dave's SORDDaveHomestuck
Dragon Priest DaggerElder Scrolls
Dragonslayer SwordGutsBerserk
ExcaliburTomb Raider Legend
Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Blade
Genesis' RapierGenesis RhapsodosFinal Fantasy VII: Crisis Core
Great KnifePyramid HeadSilent Hill
Hakuouki: Nagumo Kaoru's Katana TutorialNagumo KaoruHakuouki
Hikaru's swordHikaruMagic Knight Rayearth
Hobo Guide to Making the Vorpal BladeAliceAmerican McGee's Alice in Wonderland
How to make ZabimaruRenjiBleach
How To: Build a Daedric DaggerSkyrim
Insulation Foam Cloud Buster Sword Tutoria
Katana Handle Wrapping
Katana Handle Wrapping
Katarina Sword MakingKatarinaLeague of Legends (LoL)
Kill the Kill Ryuko's Scissor BladeMatoi RyukoKill la Kill
Kirito Great Sword Tutorial
Knight Captain Cullen Sword
Lightning FFXIII Sword TutorialLightningFinal Fantasy XIII
Lightning's Survival Knife
Lightweight Sword
lightweight sword - no wood involved
Link's Master SwordLinkThe Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess
Link's Master SwordLinkThe Legend of Zelda
Link's Master SwordLinkThe Legend of Zelda
Link's Master SwordLinkThe Legend of Zelda
Link's Master Sword Tutorial LinkThe Legend of Zelda
Link's Master Sword Tutorial LinkLegend of Zelda
Making of Noctis' SwordNoctisFinal Fantasy XIII
Medieval Sword Scabbard
Myrtenaster: The Multi Action Dust RapierWeiss SchneeRWBY
Nygen's Scabbard Tutorial
Paine Sword TutorialPaineFinal Fantasy X-2
Polystyrene Sword
Prop Sword Tutorial
Ryuko Scissor Blade (Foam)Ryuko MatoiKill la Kill
Ryuuko Matoi Scissor Blade TutorialRyuko MatoiKill la Kill
Shinken (X Sword) TutorialShinken: X/1999
Shinken (X Sword) TutorialX/1999
Soldier SwordFinal Fantasy VII
Sword Scabbard
Sword with Insulation Foam
Swordmaking Tutorial - Katana
Syaoran SwordSyaoranTsubasa Resevoir Chronicle
Taki's Swords - Rekki Maru and Mekki MaruTakiSoul Calibur
Tessaiga 2.0 TutorialInuyashaInuyasha
The Wooden Swordmaking Tutorial - Katanas
Tutorial Mirai Sword ENMiraiKyoukai no Kanata
Wood Sword + Foam ShieldLeonaLeague of Legends (LoL)
Zabuza Sword TutorialZabuzaNaruto

Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear
Title Character Series
3-Dimensional Maneuver GearAttack on Titan
3d maneuver gear (Rittai kidou souti)Attack on Titan
Attack on Titan - Eren Jaeger / Christa LenzAttack on Titan
Attack on Titan 3D Manuever Gear Attack on Titan
Create Your Own 3DMGAttack on Titan
Three Dimensional Maneuver GearAttack on Titan
Three-Dimensional Maneuver GearAttack on Titan

Title Character Series
arry Potter wand from a sheet of paper and glue Harry Potter
Baby Darius Axe TutorialLeague of Legends (LoL)
Cosplay Scaling and You
Costume and Prop Building Basics
Death Note HandcuffsDeath Note
Deidara's bird TutorialDeidaraNaruto
Dosu Kinuta's Sound AmplifierDosu KinutaNaruto
Easy Foam Chain
Electricity-Ball Tutorial
Fake Cigarette
Flail (Selphie's Nunchaku) SelphieFinal Fantasy VIII
Ghostbusters Proton PackGhostbusters
Giant ArmAllen WalkerD.Grey-Man
Grell's ChainsawGrellKuroshitsuji
Grief Seed TutorialPuella Magi Madoka Magica
How to build a Portal Personality SpherePortal
How to make a Wayfinder part 1/2
how to make pokeballs tutorialPokemon
How to make Rikku's Weapons RikkuFinal Fantasy X
Jiraiya's Scroll TutorialJiraiyaNaruto
Kikyo's Soul Ball
Kingdom Hearts 2 Portions for CosplayKingdom Hearts
Making Blue Prints
Making Wara Ningyo
My Wara Ningyo Tutorial
N's Void CubeNPokemon
Naruto Ninja ScrollNaruto
Ovan's Casket Arm worklogOvan.hack
Papercraft Models
Persona Tarot Cards Tutorial
Pirate Coin
Pokeball TutorialPokemon
Portal Cake TutorialPortal
Psypher How-ToVelvet ValentineOdin Sphere
Reno EMR TutorialRenoFinal Fantasy VII
Resident Evil T-Virus CannisterResident Evil
Sailor Moon's WandSailor MoonSailor Moon
Scrolls out of wood and paper
Silicone Hand
Soi Fon's BankaiSoi FonBleach
Soul GemPuella Magi Madoka Magica
Steampunk Bullets
Steel AxeSkyrim
The Making of Gaara's GourdGaaraNaruto
Three-Dimensional Maneuver GearAttack on Titan
Touching Up Your Con Damaged Props
Undertaker Pink Ballpoint PenUndertakerKuroshitsuji
Working Sonic ScrewdriverDoctor Who

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